Product of Clackamas, Oregon


H&M Products presents a quality handcrafted

tackle organizing system that’s designed for both the weekend recreational angler with a boat, or a professional fishing guide that has his or her office on the water (boat). With two sizes available you can choose the perfect length to fit your boat size or angling needs.

How to use -

It’s simple, while needing to change rigs, or

while recovering from a dreaded snag this

system allows you to.

First- Grab the hook and pull away from the

roller to free the leader.

Next - The line unravels smoothly off of the

slits within the foam inserts.

Lastly - Tie on your  fresh leader and get ready to yell!    “FISH ON!”


“Spend more time catching...not prepping’’

EZ Leader System -

Design purpose -

To have multiple rigs wrapped and ready to deploy in order to keep you fishing and your lines in the water.  This product was a one off design for a dedicated life long angler who grew up fishing the same Oregon waters that these products are tested on today.  The goal is to “Spend more time catching... not prepping”.